Grouple – the collaborative caring & sharing tool for families living with dementia

The following video was used to describe the idea which was submitted for the Design Council’s Living Well With Dementia challenge.

The fantastic news is that the idea was chosen for funding so that a working prototype can be developed over the next few months.

We (a team of 5 multi-disciplinary designers) are now busy researching and developing the idea to fine tune it and make sure we have captured all the elements to make it a successful tool.

If you are caring for someone with dementia or have comments on the concept, please feel free to give as much feedback as you would like. I’ll be posting updates as the project develops….

2 thoughts on “Grouple – the collaborative caring & sharing tool for families living with dementia

  1. Hello Team,

    Your project sounds great. We are a family with a dementia mum. This sounds very interesting. Is there a Beta version somewhere we could try – happy to give you some feedback too. Might help to further develop? I come from a Therapy background so might give you a different perspective.
    Happy to hear back from you.

    • Thanks for getting in contact. I’m glad you find it interesting. The whole Grouple idea is still in development which means there isn’t a Beta version to test yet but we’d love to hear more from you on the idea and if you’re interested, be part of a co-design workshop in January. Are you London based?

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