Bicycles helping women in Uganda

I recently came across this website for a community program, Ride 4 Women that empowers women in Uganda and provides them with bicycles so that they can reduce the time to travel, become economically stable and in turn safer in their community. The women in Uganda tend to do all the jobs around the house for a smooth running community but this ‘leaves no time for them to learn a trade to earn money and very little time for them to learn from each other’



With the following objectives:
1. Set up our Women’s Community Centre to be the women’s safe haven.
2. Equip women with vocational skills and adult education.
3. Set up income generating activities.
4. Train women in improved agriculture and animal rearing.
and use of bicycles, I’d love to get involved and wanted to share this discovery with everyone.

I have a personal connection with Uganda and a passion for the country and realised when I visited that they face many challenges which are not always easy to solve. It was clear that women do all the hard work, that adult education is non existent and setting up income generated activities would really benefit a large number of women. They did not appear very entreprenurial but maybe this is because the women need empowering for their communities to be more successful.

This type of project is an example of the type of concepts being posted by the OpenIDEO community.

2 thoughts on “Bicycles helping women in Uganda

  1. This is a great program and I am very happy that more people have realized the situation in Uganda and taken the initiative to make change. I have heard of a similar non-profit that is making huge strides in Northern Uganda to create equal opportunity to education and technology. The non-profit is called U-Touch and was founded just a few years ago, under the idea that, “Brilliance is equally distributed, opportunity is not.” They have delivered over 500 computers and established the necessary IT hubs to bring internet and training to those who previously had never enjoyed such commonplace and overlooked basic access. You can learn more about them at, and since you seem to have an eye for these types of organizations, I thought I would share.

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